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Private Coaching Sessions

By Paul Wilson

Paul WilsonIn property investment, while some investors exponentially grow their portfolio, there are others who just crawl and never reach their full potential. First time investment property buyers often find it difficult to make a good beginning on the path to building a good portfolio. Experienced investors may find themselves spinning around in circles with their wealth building tasks lying incomplete.

Property investment is much like any other business. You do need a strong support to formulate the most effective strategies and succeed in the market. Your goal from property investment may be Capital Appreciation or Positive Rental Income Flows. Still, you need to locate the most lucrative properties to ensure that these objectives are actually met.

Some people approach property investing like exercise. Whereas some believe in only doing the minimum, others strive to perform to their peak performance. The same type of personalities exist in the real estate investing field. And just as a person would seek out a personal trainer if preparing for the Olympics, if a property investor wants to supercharge their investment performance, a property coach is a must.

Educating Property Investors is a site dedicated to helping the investors in property and through coaching sessions with Paul Wilson, the Managing Director of We Find Houses and We Find Finance, you can take the right steps towards your property investment goals. Paul will review your current position on the path of investment and help you in implementing your investment strategies to reap the maximum gains of real estate investment.

Educating Property Investors gives you access to all tools, resources and support that you need to fast track the achievement of your investment objectives. We have devised the Property Coaching Mentor Program for those who prefer a one-on-one coaching and mentoring AND exclusive priority access to the most lucrative property deals in Australia.

With our Property Coaching Mentor Program, you get:

  • Developing your Investment Strategy personalised for you.
  • Monthly structured phone calls to keep you on track towards your investment goals.
  • Access to tools, resources and market updates on property investment.
  • Professional review of the properties that you are considering for investment and the relevant strategies for negotiation before you actually finalise the deal.
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support enabling you to have constant support through your investment

To register now for the Property Coaching Mentor Program, call us on: 1800 600 890

Paul has more than 15 years of experience as a successful investor and investment coach. He has always delivered Australia wide property and finance opportunities matched to his clients expectations. Paul can now share his vast knowledge and diverse portfolio experiences with you in a one-on-one session to help you add and earn from the best properties on your investment portfolio.

To book your appointment with Paul Wilson, call us on: 1800 600 890 or complete the form to receive his valuable newsletter in your mailbox.

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